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Which type of fence is cheaper, vinyl or wood?



As a new homeowner, the backyard can be daunting. Between the landscaping, the house painting, and any other variety of things, the fence can feel like a lower priority. When my mom moved into her house, it had an open backyard – no privacy or borders from anything. So, like many homeowners with dogs, young kids, or who just like privacy, the fence quickly rose up the to do list.

One of the most common questions when shopping for a fence is whether to spring for a vinyl fence or a wood fence.

Vinyl Fence


Viny fences last longer, are less prone to splitting, and, in many cases, are already white and do not fade in the sun. Vinyl is made from a PCV plastic that is very strong and durable. You won’t have termite trouble with vinyl, rust, or many other issues.


A vinyl fence is generally more expensive than a wood fence because of the additional processes used to prepare the materials. The two biggest things that deter someone from going with vinyl are the cost and the look:

  1. Vinyl can cost $15-30 per linear foot. (1)
  2. Vinyl comes in many shapes and colors, the most common being white and faux wood. (2)

Wood Fence


If you don’t like vinyl and prefer the traditional route, then a wood fence is for you. There’s a reason wood fences are the most common backyard fence type. It is generally cheaper than vinyl to purchase and have installed, and the fence will usually have a shelf life of about 20 years. If you aren’t staying in your home forever and want to maximize curb appeal, then a wood fence is a great option. Pine, cedar, and redwood are the most common woods used in a fence. Western Red Cedar is the most popular choice for a wood fence in Longview. That can run anywhere from $13-$18 a foot.


The downside of a wood fence is that, unlike it’s rival, the vinyl fence, it is susceptible to rot and fading, and requires yearly maintenance. Maintenance can range from a simple fix or a loose screw to the need to replace segments due to rot. A fence can last a long time when taken care of correctly. Waterproof wood glue, a hammer, and a power washer can revitalize in many cases. To avoid heavy rot it’s best to make sure that water isn’t pooling around the posts and that the soil is firmly packed and slightly sloped away from the fence.

Seeking Professional Assistance

If you’d rather call in an expert then you can contact us and our team can run the inspection for you. We are local, professional, insured, and licensed to handle all your fencing needs. Longview Fence will give the added beauty to your home with the best fence installation, whether you choose wood or vinyl.

We invite you to explore our fence installation service and uncover its benefits by clicking on this link:

(1) https://homeguide.com/costs/fencing-prices#vinyl

(2) https://www.homedepot.com/b/Lumber-Composites-Fencing-Vinyl-Fencing/N-5yc1vZc3mq

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